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Stormwater Utility FAQ
Stormwater Utility Fee
A stormwater utility fee is a revenue source currently being used by over 100 Florida cities including many in Palm Beach County to meet the challenges caused by stormwater runoff. The fee provides a dedicated source of funding for stormwater design, construction and maintenance. The Customer receives services from the utility in direct measure to their stormwater runoff as measured by impervious area. The greater the stormwater impact by a property, the more that property will be charged. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   What is a stormwater utility fee?
A.   It is a fee assessed to property owners in the Village that will provide revenue to fund the Stormwater Management System. This includes the design, construction and operations and maintenance necessary to keep the stormwater system functioning at the desired level of service.

Q.   How is the fee assessed?
A.   The fee is assessed based on the impact of stormwater generated from property located within the Village. The impact is calculated based on the amount of impervious area (land area covered or paved) and this is shown as an Equivalent Residential Unit or ERU.

Q.   What is an ERU?
A.   An ERU is the median amount of impervious surfaces found per residential unit within the Village. The ERU for The Village is 2,723 square feet. 

Q.   What is the charge per ERU?
A.   The charge per ERU is $5.50 per month or $66.00 per year.

Q.   How much does each resident pay?
A.   Each residential unit in the Village will be billed for 1 ERU/month. ($5.50 per month)

Q.   How much do non-residential units pay?
A.   The fee for Non-residential units is calculated by dividing their total impervious area by 2,723 (1 ERU) to establish their fee. Credits or bill reductions may be available to properties that qualify. 

Q.   How will the stormwater utility fee be billed and collected?
A.   The fee will be billed in the same way that you are currently billed for garbage collection. It will appear on your monthly Water Utility Bill.

Q.   Is the stormwater utility fee a tax?
A.   No. The stormwater utility fee is a user based fee that assures the funds necessary to support stormwater management.

Q.   What if I already pay a drainage district fee? (Indian Trails Improvement District or Lake Worth Drainage District)
A.   Residents who are currently receiving stormwater services from another drainage district will not be charged stormwater fees from the Village.

For questions or additional information please contact the Public Works Department at 561-790-5122.

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